What is the Meaning of Intuition in Life?

Have you ever had a hunch about something? Say the cell phone rings and you instantly know who it is without looking at the display. If you have experienced something like this in your life and dismissed such strange incidents as coincidences or mere imagination, then think again – it might just be your intuition trying to voice itself. Intuition about events that take place in the future exists in every individual in varying degrees, so some people have a strong intuition than others. And, as Albert Einstein had put it, imagination sums up everything as it is the preview of life’s future attractions.

 So, what is intuition?

Intuition is often referred to by vague terms such as instincts, sixth sense, hunches and insights. Many people also depict an intuition by describing what it should not be confused with. This is not a conscious process, nor does this have anything to do with being bale to communicate with spirits. The experts of intuitive counseling say that individuals should learn to develop their intuitions and be able to steer them in a positive way to help make the right decisions in life.

There are various theories and contrasting definitions surrounding intuition, what it is and how it affects your life however due to lack of enough studies there is no clear outline or definition regarding the same. As a result, this has remained a shrouded topic and mostly associated with something different from nomal.

 Getting to the reality!

Let’s for once take intuition in life out of the shrouded mysteries and try to decode what it is actually composed of. When we use phrases like “my heart is telling me…” or “I have a gut feeling…” or “I saw the same thing flash before my eyes…” we are actually referring to intuition. So, why is it called the sixth sense?


We are aware of the five senses that allow us to smell, hear, see, touch and taste. But the ability to tell something that might take place in the future is different from these and thus it is called the sixth sense and it all depends on an individual’s ability to process information.


A natural phenomenon!

If you thought having a gut feeling or a hunch about something is super natural, then you are mistaken.  Intuition is absolutely natural and should be looked upon as a beautiful gift from God that enables you to sense things before they actually occur and when used correctly it might actually help you take the right decisions in life!

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